Limited Warranty
Skys The Limit 5 year limited warranty (varies among some products and materials) is extended by Skys The Limit to the original purchaser and applies to all products manufactured by Skys The Limit Florida, maintained with usual care in ordinary home use.

What We Will Do
If your Skys The Limit product fails structurally, (broken frame, parts, etc.) or if the finish peels or blisters within three years from the date of purchase, we will replace, repair or refinish the frame in the original color and style, if available, or in a similar color and style if the original has been discontinued.

Not Covered by Warranty

  • Products used in commercial installations
  • Any failure caused by neglect and unreasonable or abusive use
  • Acts of nature including fire, wind, flood and freeze damage
  • Consumers’ failure to provide the necessary care and maintenance
  • Normal fading, discoloration, and stretching of fabrics or upholstery material
  • Stains due to contact with tanning lotions or other chemicals
  • Scratching and chipping resulting from normal wear and tear
  • Non-proprietary items i.e. glass tops, acrylic tops or cushion fills

Skys The Limit shall not be held responsible for loss of use, time, inconvenience, packaging, travel, etc., or other consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary from state to state.

Return Policy / Warranty Returns 
All Skys The Limit manufactured products are warranted against manufacturing defects for 5 years from date of purchase. (Varies among some products and materials) Products not manufactured by Skys The Limit are covered by the product’s manufacturer. This warranty does not cover transportation costs to us nor does it cover a product subjected to misuse or accidental damage. Within this period we will repair or replace any item at our discretion, without charge. Customers are responsible for shipping any warranty repair / replacement items back, insured, and are responsible for return shipping fees. We will ship the warranty repairs / replacements by Common Carrier, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground at no charge.

Customers must call our technical line for assistance with troubleshooting to rule out the possibility of human error. If it is determined that the unit is, in fact, defective, a return authorization number must be acquired in order to return the product. Units that are returned without authorization may be subject to shipping charges incurred if the unit is not found defective.

Technical Assistance Line: (561) 617-1636
Hours: M-F 9:00AM – 5:00PM EST

A detailed explanation of the item’s defect and a proof or purchase must accompany all warranty returns. The customer should also include their name, address, phone number, and email address (if applicable).

Cancellation Policy:
All Skys The Limit products are custom manufactured to your order and specifications. Cancellation of orders will not be accepted without written authorization from the factory. (Restocking fee’s may apply).

Once the goods have been shipped/passed to the carrier, Skys The Limit responsibility ceases. Any item damaged after that point will be the responsibility of the carrier or customer. If a customer receives damaged items directly from Skys The Limit, they should contact us immediately. Claims for damaged goods will only be accepted within 48 hours of delivery.

All payments must be in U.S. Dollars.
Pricing and Shipping costs pertain to the continental US.
Checks – Personal checks must clear before shipment can be sent.
International Money Order – As soon as the money order is received, shipment will be sent.

All products manufactured by Skys the Limit are custom made to order. Delivery times may vary. Please see applicable product information for specific delivery times.